Related Projects


The following interdisciplinary and inter institutional projects are closely related to the biomathematics initiative at Sweet Briar College:

•  The project leaders received an NIH award Computational Applications in Diabetes and Endocrinology (Award #R25 DK064122-01 with Principal Investigator Dr. Marty Straume). This five-year initiative (2003 - 2008) integrates quantitative and computational strategies with diabetes and endocrine research in the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate curricula at UVA.

•  PREP Workshops - For the past three years Drs. Robeva and Davies were among the organizers of  a professional development workshop "Computational and Mathematical Biology" sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America for faculty who are interested in creating and teaching courses in Computational Biology. The 2008 workshop is scheduled to take place at Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, August 3-8. Previous workshops were hosted by Hope College, MI  (2003), North Caroline Agricultural and Technical Unoversity, NC (2004), Harvey Mudd College, CA (2005), and Sweet Briar College, VA (2006 and 2007). 

•  A course BIMS 541 "Computation in Endocrinology" is now offered at the University of Virginia  by Drs. Kovatchev, and Johnson, utilizing some materials developed by the project leaders for the Sweet Briar College course BIOL/MATH 320 "Topics in Biomathematics."  

•  Materials developed for the course "Topics in Biomathematics" were used in Summer 2005 as independent introductory reading for undergraduates participating in selected biomedical research through the Summer Research Internship Program of the University of Virginia.